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Grid User Interface @ A.U.Th.

The User Interface hosted at the Scientific Computing Center at A.U.Th. has two names:

  • and

You may choose whichever you want to log in.

The Operating System used is Scientific Linux 5 (binary compatible with RedHat Enterprise Linux 5). The current version of the gLite middleware is 3.2.

A overview of the hardware and the software installed on the User Interface is given in the following table.

Operating System (version) Scientific Linux (5.4)
Architecture x86_64
Middleware (version) gLite (3.2)
CPU Model Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU Core 2 Duo E5405
CPU Cores 8 (Click here for an overview)
Clock frequency [GHz] 2.0
RAM (GB) 16
Software packages
Compiler Suites and Programming Languages
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 4.1.2
Intel C/C++ and Fortran Compilers 10.1.015 and 11.1.059
Pathscale Compilers 3.1
AMD x86 Open64 Compiler Suite 4.2.4
Python 2.4.3, 2.6.5
R Project for Statistical Computing 2.8.1-1
Octave 2.1.57-7
Intel MKL Libraries and 11.1.059
BLAS 3.0-37
LAPACK 3.0-37
ScaLAPACK 1.7.5-1
GNU Scientific Library (GSL) 1.12-1
HDF5 1.8.4
NetCDF 4.1.1
GraphViz 2.24.0 1.0 1.0
IPython 0.10
igraph 0.5.3
ROOT 5.28.00
Geant4 9.4.p01
MPICH 1.2.7p1
MPICH2 1.1.1
OpenMPI 1.1
Gnuplot 4.0.0-14
Scalasca 1.2
Cuda 3.0.14
Grads 2.0.a8
Pave 2.3
Verdi 1.3
Vbrowser 1.2.0
VMD 1.8.7
NCL 5.1.1
Vapor 2.0.2
paraview 3.10.0

In order to manage the plethora of software libraries, tools and compilers several modulefiles, based on the environment-modules package, have been developed and installed on Usage examples and further documentation may be found here.

We welcome all users to report anything unusual or provide their suggestions regarding the usage of

Log into the User Interface

ALERT! If you are using a Windows based Operating system you will need an ssh client in order to continue. We recommend you download and install on your local machine putty (for unix shell access) and winscp (for file transfers). For more information on configuration and connection details please take some time to view the screencast below.

ALERT! If you are using Linux or MAC OS X from the command line/terminal issue the following command


where username should be replaced with your own username.

Log into the User Interface with X-forwarding

To log in the User Interface with X window forwarding enabled please follow the guidelines below:

  • For Windows users we recommend using the Xming server to enable X forwarding over ssh
  • For Linux users: Use the following command in a terminal window
       ssh -X
    where username should be replaced with your own username.
  • For MAC OS X users: First make sure the X Window server is running on your local machine. This is usually located under Applications/Utilities/X11. Then use the following command in a terminal window
       ssh -XY
    where username should be replaced with your own username.

Transfer files to or from the User Interface

To transfer files from your local computer to the User Interface and vice versa you will need to use either scp or sftp protocols. Depending on the Operating System of your local computer the following options are recommended:

  • For Windows users we recommend using the winscp utility. To download and execute the application watch the following screecast at 6:00 and for usage details refer to the same screencast at 6:40.
  • For Linux and MAC OS X users: Use the scp and/or sftp commands from the command line (terminal)

Tip: For Windows and MAC OS X users we also recommend the Cyberduck client smile .

Introduction to the EGI Grid and to ssh client tools

Screencast on the registration procedure with EGEE and a short introduction to a few basic ssh utilities such as putty and winscp.

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