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The Complex Systems VO

The goal of the is to promote the study of complex systems and complex networks on the Grid infrastructure. The Virtual Organization also serves as the building layer of collaboration among international scientists focusing on the research area of Complexity Science.

Registration with the VO may be requested directly via the VOMS web interface. In order to proceed you will need to have a valid certificate issued by an IGTF accredited CA installed on your browser.

A guide on how to properly setup your User Interface may be found here. Notice that you will need administrator privileges in order to proceed with the configuration.

If you are a resource provider interested in supporting the VO you may follow the guidelines for supporting the VO on your resources.

For any further issues or suggestions you may contact via email.

Computing resources

Currently the following Grid resources are available to the Complex Systems VO users

Short Name CPU Cores (*) Storage Resources (*)
GR-01-AUTH 126 170GB
HG-01-GRNET 60 611GB
HG-02-IASA 171 7.5TB
HG-03-AUTH 118 3TB
HG-04-CTI-CEID 116 3TB
HG-05-FORTH 216 2TB
HG-06-EKT 622 -
LAL-IN2P3 1752 1TB

(*) Values are calculated through Grid IS services

Supported software

Software tools and libraries currently installed on VO's resources are listed below with version numbers:

Package Name Version
blas 3.0
igraph 0.5.3
lcg-rec-tools 0.0.1
mono 1.2.4
python-numpy 1.2.1
python-scipy 0.6.0
python-pil 1.1.5
python-simplejson 2.0.5

If you are a registered user of the Complex Systems VO you can request for software installation services by contacting the Software Management team.

Monitoring service

The Complex Systems VO has pioneered in providing a monitoring service of the computing resources based on the Nagios interface. The monitoring service has been documented and presented during the EGI User Forum in September 2010 as the first VO specific Nagios based monitoring instance. The current set of monitoring probes check that the user environment settings on the computing resources are set appropriately and that the software tools and libraries installed are up to date. The nagios probes are accessible here.

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